About Love Hair

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Our Philosophy

In 2014, our Founder and Head Stylist, Toni, experienced an 18-month period of illness. Numerous medical examinations and consultations revealed a toxic metal overload in her system. A naturopathic physician recommended a complete lifestyle overhaul, encompassing changes in her water source and dietary choices. This transformation significantly impacted her work, given her daily exposure to chemicals like hair dye and straightening agents.

Though Toni and her team had previously experimented with natural products, they hadn't quite achieved the desired effects. Nonetheless, Toni was determined to explore new product lines to meet their high hairstyling standards for clients. Following extensive testing and trial and error, Toni and her team carefully curated a selection of products with reduced chemical content that still delivered exceptional results. A notable improvement is the availability of PPD and Ammonia-free colours in the range.

Furthermore, Love Hair takes pride in incorporating a chemical-free smoothing treatment, bhave, into our services. For more details, please visit our product page or explore bhave hair.

Meet our team

Healthier, happier hair with style.