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At Love Hair, we're all about growth, development, and knowledge sharing. These principles have made us one of Hong Kong's top salons. Our stylists are always striving for improvement through continuous learning, client feedback, and knowledge exchange. Education is our compass, keeping us up-to-date and setting higher standards.

We noticed room for improvement in Hong Kong's education landscape. That's why we've introduced classes and workshops to share our knowledge. Our goal is to expand the stylist community by offering courses on the latest trends in colour, cutting, and styling. We aim to foster a culture of ongoing education and mutual growth among hairstylists in our city.

New courses coming soon!

Meet our educators

toni marie ovenden hair course educator

Q&A with Toni

Founder / Director / Educator

How long have you been in the industry?

What made you want to be involved in Education?

What do you love about education?

Why do you love being part of Love Hair?

What’s your speciality?

What can your students expect to take away from your class?

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