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Hair Education & Training

Growth, development and the sharing of knowledge are the core principles behind our team at Love Hair. The application of these principles has helped us to create one of the busiest salons in Hong Kong. Our stylists are consistently booked but always strive to be better.


We do this by taking classes, listening to our clients and learning from one another, taking the time to educate ourselves. Education allows us to stay on trend with the latest techniques and motivates us to raise the benchmark amongst each other.


But, overall we have found the continuing education scene in Hong Kong to be a bit lacking. With that in mind, we have created a series of classes and workshops to share what we have learned from our collective experiences. We hope that by creating these courses on the latest in colour, cut and style we can grow the stylist “community” in Hong Kong and continue to educate one another.

love hair education course


love hair colour menu

Since the first Balayage Queens was such a success we will be adding extra dates.


The next course will be in 2020. Dates to be confirmed.

Bespoke Courses

We also offer a bespoke In salon package where we can tailor make a course for you and your team specifically on the areas you would like to focus.


Bespoke education courses bring unique benefits as they are specifically formatted and customised to fulfil your individual salon’s requirements.


Master the most sought after technique of Balayage and explore creative sectioning patterns or
Guide you through the principles of highlighting with classic foil techniques that will revolutionise your highlight application.


Priced per day with 6 students.

love hair education course

Meet Our Educators

Founder / Director


How long have you been in the industry?

I started working on a Saturday at age 13! Truly since I started my training it’s been 16 years.


What made you want to be involved in Education?

To build a community of Stylists and encourage personal growth within the industry in Hong Kong.

To share the fundamentals of our success in hope that every stylists can take home tips they can implement in their own unique way.


What do you love about education?

Seeing and hearing stylists get passionate and refresh their energy through learning.


Why do you love being part of Love Hair?

Nothing better than working in an environment surrounded by stylists who share the same passion and care about the work they produce & the clients sitting in their chairs.


What’s your speciality?

My strengths are multi-tasking, communication and consultation.

I believe that 95% of unhappy clients leaving a salon comes down to not extracting the right information during the consultation. It’s your job to gain the right info and to make sure you and your client are visually on the same page before you even think about mixing any colour or washing their hair.

Building a rapport and connecting personally with your client and their needs.


What can your students expect to take away from your class?

We want students to feel like it’s a creative space to feel safe to try out techniques they have learnt. We will be showcasing a lot of tips about sectioning, placement and techniques.

Helping stylists grow in confidence and improving in any areas of weakness they need to be more confident on a daily basis in the salon.

Creative Senior Stylist


How long have you been in the industry?

Straight from school I started working in a hair salon, aswell as studying part time at college. That was over 25years now and wow the industry has really changed a lot in that time!


What made you want to be involved in education?

I have an absolute thirst for knowledge and I love passing this knowledge on to others and sharing what I have learnt over the years. Believe it or not I still remember what it was like to be a newbie in this industry and how daunting it can be. I was supported brilliantly so I like to be able to support and build confidence in others by giving them the skills they need to advance.


What do you love about education?

I love how It keeps me on my toes, knowing that others are watching my every move! That light bulb moment in a students face when they get it is amazing, it makes me very happy.


What’s yours specialty?

I would of always said cutting for sure as my background and education focused a lot on that area and I was a cutting educator for Andrew Collinge as-well as for TIGI, but now I’d say I’m an all rounder really having gained so much technical colour knowledge from the Lovehair team. I do love a big colour correction. It pulls on all my colour theory and technical knowledge to work out a solution for the client.

What can your students expect to take away from your class?

I like to make sure that students have a basic understanding of cutting and colour as this is the foundation of everything we do. A reminder of this sometimes does us all the world of good no matter how long we’ve been a hairdresser. This gives us the confidence then to grow and try new techniques.
I hope students leave my class feeling confident about their abilities and excited to take their new skills back onto the salon floor.