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5 Reasons We Heart Love Hair HK, Central's New Eco Hair Salon
May 12, 2016

5 Reasons We Heart Love Hair HK, Central's New Eco Hair Salon

Green Queen reviews Love Hair Salon Hong Kong

We have been waiting for years to find that magical hairdressers salon where a soft-spoken, uber-caring fairy hair-mother would wave her magic wand and transform our locks into a shiny, bouncy, perfectly coloured mop of gorgeousness AND listen to your problems AND be environmentally conscious. Love Hair HK is that magical place and Toni Sutton-Marcus is that magical person.

There is no doubt that Love Hair’s winning charm has a great deal to do with Sutton-Marcus herself: not only is she a talented and experienced hair stylist and colourist, she is an absolute gem of a person. We are ecstatic at the thought of our search being over and our hair has never looked better.

We are also huge fans of the ethos behind Love Hair. A couple of years ago, Toni Sutton-Marcus, a recent transplant to Hong Kong by way of North London, found herself sick all the time. She went to doctor after doctor but no one could tell her what was wrong. Tests for viral and bacterial infections kept coming back negative. She finally ended up in the office of a naturopath. He diagnosed her with severe heavy metal poisoning. At first, Sutton-Marcus was devastated. The diagnosis meant a complete lifestyle change: new diet (mostly vegan), new home cleaning products (all non-toxic), new beauty products (only clean labels allowed). Most heartbreaking of all were the changes she needed to make at work. She could no longer expose herself to the long list of toxic chemicals that define salon hair products.

A hairdresser for almost two decades, Sutton-Marcus is incredibly passionate about and committed to her job. Doing something else was not an option. What if she could create a salon that was safe for her AND her clients? And so, the idea for Love Hair was planted and her future as a solopreneur was cemented. The new Wellington Street eco salon has only been open a couple of months and it’s already won a bevy of fans including yours truly.

Here are five more awesome reasons that we heart Love Hair HK:

Zero Heavy Chemicals

Love Hair uses Australian brand Original & Mineral for styling and colour products, as well as another Aussie company bhave for smoothening and straightening treatments (that lasts from three to five months). No parabens, no ammonia, no sulfates, no sodium chloride, no lye… And don’t think that natural products means you have to compromise on results. We have tried and tested the Origin Mineral range and the stuff works! We could not be more pleased.

Eco Love Philosophy

The salon is kept spick and span thanks to toxin-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning products! Sutton-Marcus also embraces a zero waste philosophy: the salon features large HK Recycles bins for recycling and the staff use biodegradable gloves and garbage bags.

Quality Refreshments

Toni Sutton-Marcus sure knows how to pamper her clients. On offer: single origin fair trade filter coffee (you get your own mini French press) with hand-filled tiny glass milk bottles and little personal sugar canisters. Seriously, this may be the classiest cup of coffee we have had in Hong Kong. Also available: super-fruit green tea, sustainably-sourced wine, craft beer and Prosecco, perfect for when you are relaxing on the charming patio balcony.

Stylish Urban Haven

Love Hair is like being in a 3D pinterest board. From the German eco wood floors, to the glass planters hanging from the ceiling on thick ropes, to the reclaimed-wood magazine divider racks, to the tin pots of herbs peppered throughout the space to the vintage accoutrements, Sutton-Marcus has a keen eye for understated, eco-chic design.

Brilliant Service

Love Hair is a lone arbiter of wonderful customer service in a town that is severely lacking. The entire team, led by Sutton-Marcus, has that perfect hairdresser blend of easy charm, chatty banter and respectful attention-to-detail. We were further won over by the way they confirm appointments. Instead of pesky phone calls and ignored voicemails, you get a brief, friendly text that requires a mere yes/no reply.

Love Hair HK, 1/F, 99F (note the F) Wellington Street, Central;

+852 2458 0190

Quote “Green Queen” when booking to get 10% off your appointment and make sure to enquire about their Members’ Club that rewards loyal clients with birthday treats and regular offers.

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