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Embracing the Curl: Nurturing Curly Hair at Love Hair
May 31, 2024

Embracing the Curl: Nurturing Curly Hair at Love Hair

Curls have always been a part of our DNA.

At Love Hair, our dedication to nurturing every hair type has been unwavering, especially when it comes to the intricate world of curls. Understanding that the path to truly embracing and enhancing curls is an evolving process, we've taken this commitment to new heights.

We’ve recently enriched our expertise with advanced training dedicated entirely to the art of curls. From simple wavy hair to the more complex curly hair type, we’ve broadened our horizons well beyond conventional hair care approaches. 

We aim to celebrate the distinct charm and challenges curly hair presents. In this article, we’ll give you a taste of evolution in our hair care, from the best curly hair product to the transformative approaches we’re taking to bring your hair care into the next level.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Refining Love Hair's curly hair craft

Love Hair has traditionally operated with a broad, technique-oriented strategy when it comes to hair care, and this includes handling any curly hair type. 

However, we've heard from our stylists a growing desire to understand the needs of those with curly hair and wavy hair more intently. The intricacies of curly hair care go beyond standard methods — it demands a personalised touch. Many stylists encounter difficulties when attempting to enhance the curls of clients who have spent a lifetime mastering their personal hair care routines themselves.

It's clear that clients have the deepest familiarity with their own hair, usually having managed it from a young age. It's been brought to our attention, by our curly and wavy hair clients, that there's all too often a disconnect in salons between what individuals ask for and the service they receive.

Acknowledging this, we have focused on advanced training specifically tailored to curly hair, learning to identify and cater to the spectrum of any curly hair type and how these distinctions influence the way we cut, colour and style. This specialised training is a natural extension of Love Hair's fundamental commitment to the ongoing improvement and skill enhancement of our stylists. Read more about our training here.

This investment in knowledge equips us with increased confidence and precise language, enabling us to communicate with our clients more effectively, understand their desires completely, and meet their expectations.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Grasping the Nature of curly hair

Curly and wavy hair exhibits a remarkable variation that necessitates a deep understanding of its structure and various forms for proper maintenance.

The fundamental distinction between straight and curly hair originates from the form of the hair follicle. Follicles that emerge from the scalp in a curved trajectory lead to the formation of curly hair or wavy hair. In contrast, straight hair results from follicles that penetrate the scalp in a linear path.

Straight, wavy and curly hair follicle illustration
Straight, wavy and curly hair follicle illustration

Given the vast range when it comes to the issue of curly hair type, ranging from gentle wavy hair to tight coils, the adoption of curl categorization systems is essential for the targeted care of your unique curl pattern. 

The Andre Walker classification system stands out as a commonly embraced framework that segregates hair into four primary types, each subdivided into three categories to more precisely describe the degree of waviness or curliness of the hair.

Straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair illustration
Straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair illustration

The LOIS system provides a refined perspective by paying close attention to the specific shape and texture of the hair strand. This model categorises each curly hair type into four distinct groups:

L: Bend - This designation applies if the hair strand forms sharp angles and bends with minimal or no curviness, placing it within the L category.

O: Curl - Hair strands that loop into an "O" configuration fall into the O category.

I: Straight - This group is for strands that exhibit no curving or bending.

S: Wave - Strands that display an "S" configuration are classified as S.

This system also takes into account the texture and thickness of each hair strand, allowing for a comprehensive classification.

You and your curls

While these frameworks are instrumental in recognizing each person’s curly hair type and shaping our method toward individual haircut, colour, and styling preferences, their greatest value lies in facilitating clear communication with our clients about their curly hair. 

These classification systems grant our stylists a common language with our clients, empowering them to pose the appropriate inquiries during consultations. We explore various aspects, including:

  • Their typical hair styling habits
  • Their current hair care regimen
  • Past successes with haircuts, colours and styling
  • Challenges they’ve encountered in styling and managing their hair

At the core of our conversations, we aim to discover:

  • Their present hair condition
  • Their hair goals
  • Their envisioned final look

Considering they have spent a lifetime managing their hair, we gain insights from them just as they learn from us. This mutual learning process enables us to devise a bespoke care strategy for each client, to suit their individual curly hair needs.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Top picks for the best curly hair product

At Love Hair, we are dedicated to discovering the best curly hair product ranges that cater to the unique needs of any curly hair type, aiming to keep curls nourished, hydrated and well-defined.

Our recommendation for the best curly product ranges include:

Kevin Murphy Curl Range: Using natural ingredients, this range is celebrated for its effectiveness across different curly hair types. It offers sustainable hydration and enhances hair elasticity, making it a go-to choice for maintaining healthy curls.

IN Curl Cream and Gel: Made of 98% natural ingredients, this curl cream and gel combo is designed to boost curl definition without the heaviness. Particularly suitable for curly to coily hair types, it supports excellent definition and moisture retention.

A little note on curly hair gel: Curl cream and gels are generally recommended for whatever curly hair type, with the best results seen when applied to damp hair. This method helps to form a cast that preserves the curls' shape.

From shampoos and conditioners to curl cream, these products ensure adequate moisture, defining curls, and minimising frizz—traits that truly distinguish the very best product for curly hair. 

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Styling curly and wavy hair: A guide

Any curly hair type, from the gentle wavy hair to the spectrum of coily hair, requires personalised care and styling approaches. While individuals with curly hair might be well-versed in handling their unique patterns, here are some universally beneficial tips to enhance your curly hair styling routine:

Wet hair for styling: For more defined curls, apply curl cream and other styling products to soaking wet hair. This method helps lock in moisture right from the start, setting the stage for well-formed curls.

The wet cut: A wet cut can be ideal for those looking for an even length across their hair or for individuals who often straighten their curls. This technique ensures a uniform length since curls are more elongated when wet.

The dry cut: Dry cutting is favoured for custom sculpting of the curls, considering the natural fall and coil pattern. This approach allows for a more tailored cut that enhances the individual shape and volume of the curls.

Diffuser use: To elevate curl definition and volume while minimising frizz, using a diffuser attachment with your hair dryer is recommended. It distributes the airflow more evenly, helping to achieve bouncy and defined curls.

Drying your hair: Allowing curls to air-dry is often the least invasive method, promoting natural curl patterns with minimal frizz. It’s beneficial for the health of your hair and perfect for strong, natural curl formations.

How to colour: Choose colouring techniques that add depth and dimension to your curls without compromising moisture. It's crucial to adapt the colouring process to accommodate your curl pattern, ensuring that the health of your curls is preserved.

Curly hair cut and colour, before and after
Curly hair cut and colour, before and after

Our curly hair care guidelines

At Love Hair, each curl's unique qualities are recognised and cherished. Our goal is to deliver tailor-made hair care solutions that not only respect but also amplify the inherent beauty of curly and wavy hair. Here are the primary aspects we focus on:

Understanding individual curl patterns: Each consultation is personalised, focusing on the specific needs and preferences of individual curly hair type to ensure the most effective care.

Maintaining hydration and moisture: As curls often struggle with preserving moisture, our approach centres on intensive hydration treatments. We also suggest products that help maintain a perfect balance between moisture and proteins, crucial for maintaining the strength and flexibility of curls.

Adopting gentle handling methods: Due to the fragile nature of curly hair, we employ gentle detangling methods to reduce the risk of damage. Instead of harsh brushing, we use wide-tooth combs or simply detangle with fingers.

Specialised hair cutting techniques: We understand that each curly hairstyle requires a specific approach. Our hair professionals are proficient in both wet and dry cutting methods, enabling them to craft cuts that respect the natural form of the curls and enhance your hair’s innate curl pattern.

Client education: More than just recommending the best curly hair product, we aim to equip our clients with in-depth knowledge about their curly hair type and styling methods. Each visit includes tailored advice to help you care for your curls at home confidently.

Ongoing learning with our Curly Hair Masterclass: We believe that hair care education should continue beyond the salon. That’s why we offer a special masterclass focused on curly and wavy hair care, providing you with the skills needed to maintain and proudly wear your curls every day.

Shifting from a technique-based approach

Our comprehensive training in curly hair care has transformed the way our stylists approach their work, infusing a newfound sense of assurance into their practice. Key insights from this training include:

  1. Prioritising client feedback: Our team has embraced the importance of listening closely to our clients, recognising that they often have the deepest understanding of their own hair's needs.
  1. Strategic technique application: The training has honed our ability to carefully select the appropriate technique tailored to each unique curl pattern, ensuring optimal care and style.
  1. Adopting new styling innovations: By integrating innovative styling techniques, we’ve been able to achieve exceptional, customised looks for our clients.

In every aspect of our service, from choosing between wet or dry cutting techniques to deciding on colours, we highly consider the client's personal choices and the specific requirements of their curl patterns. This personalised touch also guides our selection of hair care products.

Love Hair team training day with London educators Claire and Paris

Our commitment to hair excellence

Our commitment to continuous learning and improvement is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Love Hair. We are passionately devoted to enhancing our expertise so that every client leaves our salon more in love with their hair than before. By advancing our knowledge about everything from styling techniques to selecting the best curly hair product, we aim to surpass the expectations of our diverse clientele, not just meet them.

If you're still searching for that perfect fit for your curls, or if you're looking to enrich your understanding of your unique curly hair type, consider Love Hair your friend. Together, we can discover the expansive and beautiful possibilities of curly hair care.

Schedule your consultation or masterclass with us and delve into the nuances of caring for curly hair. Your curls deserve the utmost expertise, commitment, and care.

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