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Hair colour fading? Maximise your vibrant hair colour
January 5, 2024

Hair colour fading? Maximise your vibrant hair colour

Vibrant hair colours often fade away too quickly.

At Love Hair, we recognise this frustration. With the right knowledge and sustainable hair care can help maintain that splash of colour for longer.

In this condensed guide, we dive into the nitty gritty of fading hair colour and provide tips, from heat protectant spray for hair to shampoo for coloured hair, to preserve your chosen shade. Let's help your hair colour withstand the elements, whatever shade you choose.

Light copper hair colour at Love Hair salon
Light copper hair colour at Love Hair salon

Fading Hair Colour Why it Happens

Sadly fading hair colour happens, it’s a natural process that you can’t really stop - even if you’re religiously using shampoo for coloured hair. But you can slow it down. It usually comes down to factors like the sun's rays, exposure to chemicals, and yes, even your routine washing.

Your hair cuticle: The root of the problem is your hair's structure. When you wash your hair, the outer layer (called the cuticle) opens up, letting colour escape – much like water flowing out of a sieve. So, taking steps to close these “holes” in the cuticle is vital to slow down your fading hair colour. You need to bring your hair cuticles to its optimal pH level. A few helpful solutions are using a heat protectant spray for hair and shampoo for coloured hair.

Sunlight and UV: UV radiation from our intense sun can also break down your hair dye. The chemical bonds to your hair from the dye disintegrate with UV exposure. To maintain your colour, consider using sun protection products for your hair.

Harsh chemicals: Lastly, harsh chemicals including chlorine or saltwater can speed up fading hair colour. That’s why we at Love Hair Hong Kong advocate for less harsh chemicals and use ECOHEADS shower heads to soften and filter the water for our treatments.

Pink and white colour blocking at Love Hair
Pink and white colour blocking at Love Hair

3 Factors of Fading Hair Colour

The Heat Factor: Much like how the heat of Hong Kong's summer days can tire you out, excessive thermal styling can expedite fading hair colour. Using a heat protectant spray for hair, like our favourite Kevin Murphy’s Heat Defence, ensures your hair's protection while limiting chemical exposure.

Focusing on higher quality, less heat-intensive styling tools can help your colour last longer.

The Environment Factor: Our environment, much like our lifestyle, impacts our hair. Sunlight, specifically, can incite hair colour loss. So, next time when you plan to enjoy an outdoor dim sum, consider donning a hat or applying hair-specific SPF. It's a simple but effective step to promote lasting hair colour vibrancy within our emerald city.

The Chemical & Water Factor: Hong Kong's water, whether it's from the Victoria Harbour or your shower head, can affect your hair's colour vibrancy. Hard, hot water can strip away colour pigments hastening fading hair colour. Consciousness of your water's quality and temperature during hair washes can help slow the pace of fading.

Chemical treatments like a keratin treatment can also influence your hair colour. It's wise to access professional advice regarding timing these treatments around your colour application to maintain longevity.

At Love Hair, we pride ourselves in our conscience-driven consultations with each client before they embark on any hair dyeing or treatment process. Our goal is to manage expectations concerning your hair's vibrancy lifespan and guide you in the maintenance journey post dyeing. We aim to be a guide in creating hairstyles that care for the planet while embracing the unique needs of your hair.

Deep red  balayage hair colour at Love Hair
Deep red hair colour

How To Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant

Keeping your hair colour as vibrant as the neon signs of our beloved Hong Kong streets is an art, and yet fairly doable with some friendly tips. So let's dive into some essential hair care knowledge to stave off premature fading hair colour.

  • Opt for dyes with less chemicals: Great colour starts with the right dye. When we say right, we mean a dye that's kind to your hair and the world. Consider hair dyes with lesser chemicals to ensure harmony between lasting colour and hair health. That's why we use organic ingredients in our dyes at Love Hair. Remember, healthy hair equals vibrant hues. 
  • Use a heat protectant spray for hair: Hong Kong gets pretty hot, and just like you, your hair needs protection from the sun. Use a heat protectant spray for hair every day and try wearing an SPF or hat if you're out and about.
  • Air-dry your hair: Can we give heat styling a break? Let's try. Instead, let your hair dry naturally as often as you can. It's good for your hair and saves on energy use.
  • Colour-friendly hair care: Treat your coloured hair gently, like you would with anything vibrant and precious. Use items for your hair that are sulphate-free and colour-safe, like the Kevin Murphy Everlasting colour range. This particular range is often used at our salon, particularly as shampoo for coloured hair. They ensure optimal pH balance, a crucial part for vibrant, healthy hair.
  • Use cold water: Finish off your hair wash with a cool rinse. It'll help seal your hair, keeping the colour in and giving your locks a nice shine. Bonus tip: Try a shower filter. It gets rid of stuff in your water that might damage your hair.
  • Seek expert insight: Let your unique personality shine through your hair. Our expert stylists at Love Hair extend a personalised guide, creating your ideal colour and maintenance routine. We value the in-depth discussion, including personalising colours to suit your skin tone and face shape. Our stylists at Love Hair can help figure out what works best for your colour and type of hair.
  • Keep hydrated: Hydration is key. Your hair's vibrancy reflects its hydration. To stop your fading hair colour, use hydrating treatments and conditioners. Maintain a nourished mane with our recommended hydrating products like Re-store, and the versatile Olaplex range that repairs, conditions, and safeguards your coloured hair.
  • Remember, everyone is different: Everyone's hair is unique, and so should be your hair care routine. More natural shades may demand fewer salon visits, but bolder hues may require meticulous care. Maintain your styled tresses with regular touch-ups every 6-8 weeks to ensure a fresh and vibrant hair colour.


The maintenance of your hair colour, no matter the shade, can be simple—it just requires attention and commitment. Understand the science behind fading hair colour and choose the right organic-friendly products. Regular touch-ups and heat protectant spray for hair are essential parts of your hair care routine. As we step into 2024, let's let our vibrant hair shine confidently—in a natural way!

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