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Hair style trends for 2024
December 1, 2023

Hair style trends for 2024

Hair trends are constantly changing

From the bold and adventurous styles of the '80s to the sophisticated looks of the 2000s. On trend hair has always provided a platform for expressing individuality and style. We are seeing layered cuts and a step towards more natural colour. 

Now, more than ever,  natural beauty is being embraced. At Love Hair, we fully support the idea of enhancing your beauty and being unique. We are excited to share our hair style trend predictions for 2024 - a celebration of natural beauty in its purest form.

We respect individual preferences and interpretation of a trendy hair style. Our hairstylists are trained in translating current trends into practical and manageable styles that our clients can effortlessly adopt and fully embrace.

Colour blocking - fun and bold

Colour blocking is a statement. Like colour block makeup and clothing it is vibrant and eclectic. With this on trend hair style it’s all about using contrasting colours to create a fun and attention-grabbing look.

There is a preference for more conservative styles in Asia. We have adapted techniques to manage our client’s expectations and provide softer colour block colours. The idea is to frame the face to create a hair style that is elegant and doesn't overwhelm.

The Kevin Murphy products that we use create vibrant colours and align with our more eco-conscious values, using more natural ingredients. This allows you to embrace your individuality authentically!

Golden elegance with warmer

There has been a shift away from the ashy tones recently. They can be more challenging to maintain and sometimes don’t leave the hair feeling as shiny.

There is a move towards more golden and creamy blonde tones. The use of these warmer tones creates a sophisticated glow and a radiant shine.

We want you to leave the salon with a beautiful golden glow so if you’re looking to move more towards a warmer blonde book your free consultation today.

Golden tones

Healthy hair with less chemicals 

The latest trend of healthy hair is one we can wholeheartedly get on board with. The techniques and products we use in the salon have less chemicals yet still create a vibrant and long-lasting colour whatever hair style you choose. 

Many clients are looking to work with their natural base colour whilst blending in other on trend hair colours. There is a growing desire for healthier hair with less damage from high-ammonia based products. 

At Love Hair we are continuously sourcing products that are more ethical with less harsh chemicals. We want you to have beautifully healthy hair.

Natural hair colours using less chemicals

Layered cuts and more texture 

We are seeing a transition from sharp, straight cuts to a more layered cut with texture. The modern-mullet that evolved from the classic shag and wolf cut is becoming more popular. However, on trend hair in Asia is generally a little more conservative.   

More recently, texture and movement has become the priority but still with a solid more blunt base-line. The Love Hair stylists are aware of how to adapt a layered cut to make them manageable for the humid and changeable climate we see in Hong Kong.

Layered cuts

Grey blending and embracing beauty

In the wake of the pandemic, there is a growing trend of appreciating and enhancing natural beauty, with an emphasis on grey blending. Rather than trying to hide the greys altogether, we are seeing clients prefering to subtly blend them. This method allows for longer between salon visits and improves the overall health of the hair.

Many celebrities are embracing their grey hair, like Salma Hayek and Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as younger celebrities like Lady Gaga and Lily Allen. Grey blending is becoming fashionable whilst celebrating natural beauty.

Whether you're looking to take a gradual approach or wanting to make a bold transformation, our team of stylists is dedicated to ensuring that your grey blending journey is personalised and filled with beauty.

The bob alternative - the ‘skinny lob’

The “Lob” aka a long bob, has been gradually transforming this year. And we say hello to a new kind of bob, the ‘skinny lob’.

It’s the balance between long hair and a bob. The perfect length to flatter those with rounder or wider faces. The blunt lines and absence of layers give the style it’s unique sleek look.

Whether you're navigating the bustling streets or stylishly tucking your tresses into your favourite winter coat during the cooler months, the Skinny Lob offers a versatile and effortlessly elegant look that doesn't compromise comfort – a true style companion for all seasons.

Bonus Trend for Asia - Frizz-Free Brilliance

The humidity in Hong Kong provides many challenges, certainly for at home styling for on trend hair. We guide our clients in a consultation to ensure the style they want balances with the realtics maintenance of the hair style. Managing frizz is no fun!

We offer a more natural keratin treatment from Bhave, that is a game-changer for reducing frizz. It allows you to optimise your chosen hair style, decrease drying time and make at-home styling much easier. Your hair will look fabulous all day!

If you'd like to know more about the wonders of Bhave, check out our dedicated blog for more details.

Conclusion - A word about on trend hair

We believe the focus for 2024 is going to be firmly on healthier hair.

Trends come and go, the best hair style today will change for next year. At Love Hair, we strive to provide you with timeless elegance that matches your personality and lifestyle. 

What will 2024 bring for you and your hair style? If it’s colour blocking, golden blondes or a layered cut then let us help you achieve a style that is distinctly yours. 

Unleash your individuality and stay fabulous!

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