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Love Hair HK, Hong Kong’s first eco salon
August 10, 2017

Love Hair HK, Hong Kong’s first eco salon

Christing C from Healthy Matters visits Love Hair

As soon as you set foot into Love Hair HK, you are immersed in a friendly and welcoming setting. The cute and comfortable salon, located just above busy Wellington Street, is a little sanctuary where you can relax and get all your hair needs.

The best part isn't just the friendly and talented team of stylists or the rustic, vintage design, but the amazing ethos behind this eco salon. Eco Salon is something I never thought would exist, in always polluted HK, but Love Hair manages to use products and values that are both good for our hair and the environment.

When I first hear natural products, I'm usually dubious about how effective it will be on my hair. I tend to like my dark locks highlighted blonde, and this can mean lots of smelly bleach and a stinging scalp to achieve my desired look.

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