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Love Hair: the most eco-friendly salon boutique
December 16, 2016

Love Hair: the most eco-friendly salon boutique

Review of Love Hair Salon HK by Delphine at Hong Kong Madame.

Who never dreamt of that hair salon where a uber-caring hair-mother would transform our messy bed-head into a shiny, gorgeous, perfectly colored mop of hair using only organic, natural products?

Personally, I thought this would always stay as a dream. Being a eco and health-conscious mum, I had enough of all those chemicals on my head every time I was coming out of my hairdresser. I tried the grandma’s recipes but the honey/vinegar/yolk shampoo is fun to do once and not more. You know what I mean?

Time to celebrate, I found THE salon of my dream! Love Hair is that magical place. A couple of years ago, the sweet and talented Toni Sutton-Marcus from London, went to work in HK but found herself sick all the time. She visited several doctors but no one could tell her what was wrong…until a naturopath diagnosed her with severe heavy metal poisoning. This meant a complete lifestyle change, no longer exposure to the long list of toxic chemicals that define salon hair products. But for her doing something else was not an option. So? She created her own salon 100% natural and eco-friendly. The new Wellington Street eco salon has only been open a couple of months and it’s already won a bevy of fans:

  • zero Heavy Chemicals, parabens, ammonia, sulfates, sodium chloride, lye…but tested and approved brands which all work very well.
  • Toxin-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning products… a zero waste philosophy: biodegradable gloves, recycling bins and even locally filtered water.
  • Organic refreshments: single origin fair trade filter coffee, super-fruit green tea, sustainably-sourced wine, craft beer and Prosecco…Toni knows how to pamper.
  • Eco-stylish furniture and decoration: eco wood floors, glass planters hanging from the ceiling on thick ropes, tin pots of herbs...Instagram will get busy!
  • Super pro team, wonderful customer service

We feel just like at home, peaceful and relaxed...what about another glass of wine to celebrate?

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