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Revolutionising hair cutting and colouring: the unique training journey of love hair
February 6, 2024

Revolutionising hair cutting and colouring: the unique training journey of love hair

A fresh take on hairdressing courses in Hong Kong's busy cityscape, Love Hair cultivates more than just hair cutting skills

Our focus is on a well-rounded education, with a custom-designed course to build confidence, sophistication and sustainable approaches. Using up-to-date methods supplemented by the teachings of Vidal Sassoon and Kevin Murphy, we're moulding not just talented stylists, but eco-driven hair ambassadors to maximise customer satisfaction. Let’s bring you on the unique training journey of our Love Hair stylists that prove we don’t stop learning hair cutting. 

Love Hair training day
Love Hair training day

Starting from scratch: Hair education that’s more than just hair cutting

Bringing a touch of the UK to Hong Kong, our founder Toni has brought her teaching from her own personal hair training journey to our shores. Unlike the typical 3-6 month hairdressing curriculum in Hong Kong, Toni went through the UK's NVQ (National Vocational Qualification), an extensive 2-3 year program that went far beyond hair cutting. 

This extensive educational structure, supplemented by the revolutionary teachings of Kevin Murphy and Vidal Sasson, now serves as the ethical and technical foundation of Love Hair’s training journey. This rigorous training system is designed to build confidence and empower our stylists in a systematic way, building up each skill with the ultimate goal of providing the best customer satisfaction.  

A dynamic training plan designed to build confidence

At Love Hair, we recognise the need for evolving training that goes beyond the basic NVQ hairdressing course. To embody our high standards and to keep abreast with what’s current in the industry, we constantly adapt our program, integrating trend-setting techniques and eco-practices.

We celebrate individuality through custom-tailored plans. Every stylist is unique, and so is our training. We design each training to the stylist’s needs - our left-handed stylist would attest to that. We nurture skills according to their learning styles in order to build confidence and competence with every stage of training.

From simple hair cutting to mastery: Love Hair’s systematic approach

The NVQ training, while extensive, can also offer limited exposure to clients before the course is finished. At Love Hair, we inject connection into the training and start trainees with small services, gradually gearing them for full client interactions. Alongside perfecting technical skills, we foster soft skills of communication, attentiveness and patience.

Our stylists journey through:

  • Three months of blow-drying finesse
  • Three months of mastering smoothing treatments
  • One year exploring the art of hair cutting
  • And a year of colour immersion.

We combine practical training with theoretical understanding. Our stylists are trained to know what they are doing and why - and how to correct mistakes if it happens. They first practise on models under guidance before trying out their skills on real clients. 

Our aim? To build confidence and empower trainees into well-rounded and competent stylists.

Hair cutting training at Love Hair Salon
Hair cutting training at Love Hair Salon

An ongoing voyage

At Love Hair will never stop learning and training. With your customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, we will always be on a journey to provide cutting-edge and sustainable hair services. Our stylists stay atop trends through continuous education, like courses from Kevin Murphy Academy and Vidal Sassoon's online portal.

Additionally, we invite trailblazing educators for intensive, annual three-day programs. We also foster idea exchange across our Hong Kong and Singapore salons.

We value customer feedback, conducting quarterly reviews to discern areas of growth. We continually refine our methods, cementing our pursuit to craft skilled, confident hair experts. All in the name of customer satisfaction.

Our training journey emphasises our belief in beauty without harm, nurturing gorgeous hair while caring for our Earth.

Centred on you: customer satisfaction

To Love Hair, you are our universe. Everything that we invest in team development and training, all those hours of practice and hair education - it all goes into achieving one goal: customer satisfaction. 

Our premium services reflect our exceptional commitment to serving you - that’s why we’re premium priced. Going beyond just meeting expectations, we aim to delight and bring joy with every stroke of our sustainable practice. We are the best because you deserve the best.

For us, training isn't just about skill - it's about making a beautiful difference, one smile at a time.

The Love Hair Team
The Love Hair Team

Building well-rounded hair masters: the Love Hair commitment

Love Hair's commitment to training and development involves more than just hair cutting - we nurture our stylists into becoming dedicated professionals. 

We value constant professional growth, incorporating esteemed programs like NVQ, Kevin Murphy and Vidal Sassoon into our fabric. Having good people is just the first part - we also ensure that we train and develop them so they build confidence and step into the amazing stylists that they truly are. 

Every training, every leap in confidence and skill aims to enhance your experience, fulfilled with our promise of unrivalled customer satisfaction. 

We are excited to embark on this journey of beauty with you, we look forward to showing you what these (well-trained) hands can do!

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