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Women in Sustainability: Toni Marie Ovenden, Love Hair
March 6, 2020

Women in Sustainability: Toni Marie Ovenden, Love Hair

Love Hair Salon  Featured in Tree

In celebration of Women’s Day, Tree highlighted three female movers and shakers who share their passion for protecting the planet, and are reshaping Hong Kong’s mindset on sustainable living.

Tree kickstarted Women’s Day weekend (with our very own) Toni Marie Ovenden, who sought out to create an eco-salon, Love Hair in Hong Kong.

With the challenges our world is facing, we as individuals have become increasingly conscious of how our living and purchasing habits may have implications on our planet. Sustainability has certainly been on the rise in Hong Kong, and much of this growth can be attributed to the entrepreneurs and enterprises striving for an environmentally viable future.'

With over 17 years of experience, Toni is indeed well-versed in the hair industry, and her thirst for knowledge drives her to continue researching and experimenting with top trends and techniques. Her true passion lies on the salon floor with her clients, working with them to express her individuality and creativeness while satisfying their needs. This, coupled with her commitment to sustainability, is what gave way to Love Hair - Toni’s boutique salon that is run with an environmentally conscious approach.'

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