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Revitalize your blonde hair with the wonders of Purple Shampoo
March 2, 2024

Revitalize your blonde hair with the wonders of Purple Shampoo

At Love Hair Hong Kong, we speak the language of colours. A whopping 80% of all our cherished clients trust us for their hair colour, especially for that perfect shade of non-brassy blonde. We’re the primary destination if you want to achieve that radiant blonde hair that doesn’t go brassy after a wash.

Maintaining that fresh-from-the-salon blonde radiance doesn’t happen by magic. The key to prolonged, salon-fresh blonde hair is diligent haircare and there’s no better haircare for blonde hair than purple shampoo. Specifically, the power of Olaplex purple shampoo for bleached hair is particularly second to none. Let’s walk you through some of the purple shampoo tricks and secrets you probably aren’t aware of so you can have that shimmery blonde hair for longer.

Blonde hair restoration through purple shampoo

There will be a day when your once shimmering blonde hair will lose its sparkle and succumb to brassiness. It's a scenario many of us in Hong Kong encounter, often as a result of our city's unique environmental factors. Thankfully, we have a solution: purple products.

Purple shampoo like the acclaimed Olaplex purple shampoo works to resuscitate your blonde hair by neutralising any yellow hues, bringing back your colour’s original lustre. However, misunderstandings about purple shampoo, especially when it comes to bleached hair, exist. This could lead to less-than-optimal usage. At Love Hair, we’re here to guide you on the right path in your use of purple products so that you can keep that blonde hair shining.

Creamy blondes and ashy blondes

A common request from our clients is: "I don't want yellow or brassy hair!" But, in the pursuit to avoid yellow, we sometimes veer towards another extreme—ash tones. Perhaps it's a hangover from the 90s when brassy hair was the unwanted blonde hair side effect, leading many to favour ashy shades.

The perfect pitch for blonde hair, however, isn’t in the extremes. Instead, it nestles in golden and creamy blondes. These tones act like mirrors, reflecting more light and creating a warm, vibrant appearance. Ash colours, in contrast, absorb light, potentially reducing your hair's luminosity.

Getting that perfect blonde hair

At Love Hair, we approach your blonde ambitions with the heart of individuality. Before our stylists even begin the transformative journey with your hair, we take a moment to talk to you. A consultation is vital in our process. This step helps us align our vision of your dream blonde hair, removing any misunderstandings on colour tones. 

Our perception of colour is as unique as the individual observing it. Our stylists possess the delicate skill of interpreting your hair aspirations, considering your personal style, skin tone, and how city life impacts your hair. Tailoring your colour to not only meet but exceed expectations is part of the crafted experience at Love Hair. If you want to learn more about how our training process achieves this, check out our last blog.

Technology and your hair

How did we go from brassy 90s hair to magic blonde hair solutions like the Olaplex purple shampoo? Simple: technology has come a long way. Gone are the days of battling with the dreaded brassy tones or the damage wrought by over-processing. 

At Love Hair, we’re dedicated to bringing you products that are not just effective but are imbued with enriching, nourishing ingredients. And sure, this comes at a premium price. But it’s an investment worth making, for a healthier blonde hair that doesn’t just last longer but shines brighter.

Your ultimate guide to purple shampoo for blonde hair

In order to keep the vibrant allure of blonde hair, it’s essential that you know how to use your purple products well. We have listed your do’s and dont’s to help you reap the maximum benefits of purple shampoo:

  • Initial rest period: For freshly dyed locks, delay purple shampoo use for 2-3 weeks. Premature use can lead to an undesirable ashy tone, dimming the blonde brilliance you desire.
  • Weekly use: Implement a weekly ritual with purple shampoo to maintain your colour. Fine-tune the frequency to your hair's needs—less often for sustained brightness and more for deeper ash tones.
  • Pre-salon planning: Pause on the purple 2 weeks before your next colouring session. Build-up of purple products can be difficult so allow your hair to shed any purple coating to ensure ready canvas for colour.
  • Complementary products: Elevate your regimen with colour-preserving products. Products from high-end lines like the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel ensure enduring radiance.
  • Timing is key: 3-5 minute applications with your purple shampoo strikes the right balance. Monitor time closely for precision in achieving your preferred shade of blonde.
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration: Offset the drying nature of toning shampoos by integrating intensely moisturising and colour-protective treatments into your routine. Your hair deserves that tender, loving care.

Purple product essentials for your blonde hair

Negotiating with Hong Kong's notorious humidity isn't altogether pleasant for blonde hair. Fortunately, contemporary hair care technology steps up to the challenge, with ingenious purple products curated to sustain your golden hair under the city's conditions. Here are some top-tier recommendations:

For a potent purple remedy, our pick is undoubtedly Olaplex Purple Shampoo. This award-winning elixir is engineered to maintain your blonde hair's luminous elegance while neutralising brassy tones and promoting radiant cool shades. It's a power-pack that revitalises, safeguards your hair and mends the damage instigated by colour treatment, heat, and routine styling, leaving your blonde hair robust, moisturised, and healthier.

For those seeking a softer touch, the BHave Purple Shampoo and Conditioner fit the bill. Its mild formulation doesn't weigh down your hair while ensuring the vibrancy of your blonde stands tall for extended periods.

A balance between strength and gentleness, we also use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Shampoo and Treatment. This mid-tier purple product preserves your blonde hair's shine and rejuvenates your tresses simultaneously.

Rest assured, we at Love Hair utilise and support products that are safe to coloured hair for all our clients. 


Achieving your dream blonde hair isn't solely a salon affair—it's reflective of the devotion you show in the routines that fill the days between your salon visits. From careful use of purple shampoo to prioritising colour-safe products, your blonde hair can shine as brightly as Hong Kong's skyline under the midday sun—with just a touch of effort and a deluge of love.

Remember that your hair is one of a kind, just like you. And we, your faithful companions at Love Hair, remain ever ready to guide your journey towards realising your ultimate blonde ambition.

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